Since release 1.22.1, all of the Windows builds have been migrated to use an MSI installer rather than an exe. If you have an old version installed with the exe installer, it will prompt you to first uninstall it. You will need to re-enter the sFlow settings for this time only.

See Configuring Host sFlow for Windows for configuration instructions.


See Configuring host sFlow for Linux via /etc/hsflowd.conf for details on monitoring Docker, KVM Hypervisors adding custom metrics and more.

Cumulus Linux

The hsflowd package is in the repo:

apt-get install hsflowd

For more info, see Monitoring System Statistics and Network Traffic with sFlow.


This package was built from sources using:

./docker_build_on opx

Dell OS-10 Open Edition

Install hsflowd built for OpenSwitch (see above).

Dell OS-10 Enterprise Edition

Starting in OS10 release 10.4.1, hsflowd is included in the installation.

Arista EOS

This package was built from sources using:

make rpm FEATURES="EOS"


These packages were built from sources using:
make xenserver
For details see


please build from sources. Note that a package built on Solaris 10 will not work on Solaris 11, and vice-versa.


please build from sources

Darwin (Mac OS X)

please build from sources