The host-sflow sources are hosted on github. Please fork and send pull-requests for enhancements or bugfixes.

A number of related open-source projects are listed here.

The simplest collector for host-sFlow is sflowtool. The sflowtool software is open source C code that can be used as a starting point for adding sFlow support to system performance management tools. The ASCII output of sflowtool can be used with a scripting language like Perl or AWK to build simple reports and graphs. The RRDtool is a useful way to log and trend the performance metrics received from the Host sFlow agent.

The Host sFlow project welcomes volunteers interested in contributing to the project. We are particularly looking for developers able to port to the software to additional platforms, including: HPUX, OS X, OpenBSD, NetBSD, LXC and VMWare.


You are free to use this software in compliance with the APL, SISSL, or sFlow license, but you can obtain additional rights if you are in compliance with the sFlow license. The purpose of the sFlow license is to ensure consistent and interoperable implementations of the sFlow standard and correct use of the sFlow trademark and logo.


Please post your questions to the mailing list.